Parma Christian Church Mission Statement

We, the members of Parma Christian Church, confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and we proclaim Him as Lord and Savior of the world. We have no creed but Christ. We are called to the image of God in the community. We profess the love of God through the practice of love of neighbor. Here persons are cared for and challenged, helped, and healed, and empowered to discover their own mission and ministry.

We are diverse members committed to be "one in Christ" who find God's presence in who we are and who we are becoming. We seek to bring joy, share sorrow, encourage one another, and live in peace.

We accept the never-ending task of recalling, interpreting and retelling the Christian story in our own place and time, to make the Christian story accessible, powerful, and understandable. We pledge to be good stewards of the earth in all its richness endowed by God and to use our individual talents and gifts to the glory of God.

We seek to win people to faith in Jesus Chriust and commit them actively to the church, to help them grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ that increasingly they may know and do God's will, and to work for the unity of all Christians and with them engage in the common task of building the kingdom of God.

We faithfully affirm and support our relationship with the Christian Church in Ohio (Disciples of Christ) and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada.